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EST. 2017

Candle Making Blogs By All Seasons Wax Co

Our All Seasons Wax Company blog will provide regular updates on the comings and goings of the business.
Documenting things such as the trial package test results, updates on recipes, candle making tips as well us information about our distributors.

The Finished Product!

Through a well-documented and unprecedented trial period, we placed our work-in-progress waxes in the hands of real candle makers around the world.
The plan was to receive rich, detailed insight and feedback from their testing experiences.

With this information and the assistance of an Australian laboratory we enhanced the formulas of two of our three waxes, as well introduced our fourth wax, The S16 Deluxe Soy.

In this blog, we will document each waxes strengths and changes made from the original trial period.

S100 Pure Soy

The S100 Pure Soy Wax remains unchanged from the trial period!
An amazingly clean, one-ingredient product, the S100 Pure Soy is the naturalist’s best friend.

What you can expect from the S100 Pure Soy:

  • Clean even burn pool
  • Amazing hot scent throw
  • Fantastic container adhesion

A27 Performance Soy Blend

The A27 Performance Soy Blend was slightly adjusted to reduce cracking and puckering which some testers experienced. This was achieved through a reworking of the existing formula as well as the addition of a unique, plant-based emulsifier which assists with the waxes binding properties.
A27 Performance Soy Blend also works great with melts and moulds.

What you can expect from the A27 Performance Soy Blend:

  • Amazing performance in hot or harsh climates
  • Anti-sweating properties
  • Quick setting which aids hot and cold scent throw

 S16 Deluxe Soy

As advertised our S16 Deluxe Soy is the newest of our four waxes!
Designed by candle makers – the S16 Deluxe Soy is the perfect replacement for a popular, recently discontinued soy wax.
An entirely natural product the S16 Deluxe Soy wax contains a unique plant-based emulsifier as well as natural soy wax.

What you can expect for the S16 Deluxe Soy:

  • Easy to use for candle makers of all experience levels
  • Fantastic container adhesion and smooth surfaces
  • Great scent throw from an overall very balanced container wax

A05 Superior CocoSoy

The largest change from our samples waxes is the A05 Superior Cocosoy.
We’ve dramatically altered and improved the formula to make this wax another completely plant based option – this time, containing a healthy portion of coconut wax!
Blended with pure soy, our plant based emulsifier and coconut wax, this is the first ready-to-use coconut/soy wax option on the market.

What you can expect from the A05 Superior CocoSoy:

  • Amazing container adhesion
  • Fantastic natural appearance
  • Great hot and cold scent throw

All four waxes are currently in production and will be arriving in 5kg and 15kg boxes in September.
We’re currently in discussions with candle supplies businesses in Australia, The United States and England and looking to expand in the new year!

We’re excited as you are!
The team at All Seasons Wax Company