All Seasons Wax Company
EST. 2017

About us

Quality. Consistency. Sustainability.


Mission Statement

To supply a premium range of easy to use candle waxes, which perform consistently in all conditions. Providing candle makers with wax to create products with lasting shelf life, high quality appearance, extended burn time and amazing scent throw.

If you would like to know more about our mission as an organisation please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page

Our Vision

•For our wax to fill the candles which burn in homes, offices and restaurants in countries across the globe;

•To be a company that remains profitable by making business decisions based on the interests of the most important stakeholder – the customer.

Core Values

  • Embracing the knowledge candle making and candle burning is a therapeutic and spiritual experience enjoyed by millions around the world – and producing wax to facilitate and improve these experiences;

  • Passionate and determined to source only the finest raw materials;

  • The pursuit of continued improvement for the benefit of our customers and the industry;

  • To encourage the conversation between our business and consumers to drive further innovation and new product development;

  • To continue our dedication to providing the marketplace with a transparent, ethical solution for candle wax. You can read more about our environmental efforts on our sustainability page.