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Our All Seasons Wax Company blog will provide regular updates on the comings and goings of the business.
Documenting things such as the trial package test results, updates on recipes, candle making tips as well us information about our distributors.

The Ultimate 'How-To' Guide For Using S16 Deluxe Soy Wax By A Master Candlemaker

Making a candle is part science, part art. There are creative elements, like choosing the type of wax, glassware, wick, fragrance, colouring and then the technical aspects involving ratios, measurements, timing and temperature. It’s a rewarding practice that takes time to master, but through research and testing, it’s easier than ever to create your own professional quality soy wax candles.

Let’s work our way through the steps of using the S16 Deluxe Soy Wax to make better candles.

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5 Amazing Facts About Beeswax You Must Read Before Making Your Next Candle!

In preparation for our unveiling the world’s first flaked Soy/Beeswax blend (BeeSoy B808), we here at All Seasons Wax Co. wanted to give you a quick history and rundown of beeswax; how it’s been used, why it’s so important, and why you should be excited for its release! The release of our new product is imminent, so read up below and see why beeswax should be your next candle wax purchase!

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