All Seasons Wax Company
EST. 2017

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Become a distributor for All Seasons Wax Company


Expression of interest for distributors

We're looking for distributors around the world to stock and supply All Seasons Wax Company products.
Do you run a candle supplies business or operate a warehouse?
If becoming a licensed distributor for All Seasons Wax Company interests you, send through your details via the form below and we'll be in touch.

What All Seasons Wax Company’s responsibilities are?
All Seasons Wax Company is abbreviated to ASWC.

-       Ensure quality and consistency of the product is always present;
-       Control stock levels to ensure ASWC can fulfil distributors orders and never leave distributors without products;
-       Provide distributors with access to ASWC’s artwork;
-       List your company’s details on the ‘where to buy’ page on the ASWC website + promote your business;
-       ASWC will provide your company with an information pack to assist with customer enquiries – and ASWC will have a detailed write about each product available on the ASWC website.
-       Provide detailed lab reports from Australian Government approved laboratory with in depth information about the individual waxes performance.
-       Provide MSDS report

 In order to become a licensed distributor for All Seasons Wax Company we ask that:

-       You have completed the Distribution Agreement business form;
-       You are able to provide ASWC with details about your business, your businesses’ website and sales platforms;
-       You have signed all necessary documents and agree with the terms;
-       You agree to not directly and intentionally undercut the RRP provided by ASWC
(This is to ensure all agents and distributors can sell the product in a fair and regulated marketplace);
-       You are able to meet ASWC minimum orders and volume targets;
-       You follow and meet payment terms provided;
-       Your business promotes ASWC and ASWC products;
-       Your business agrees to provide after sales and technical support to your customers purchasing our waxes.