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EST. 2017

BeeSoy B808

Soy wax developed by candle makers - for candle makers. We've utilised advanced scientific developments to harness the power of nature.


BeeSoy B808 | The World’s First Flaked Beeswax And Soy Wax Blend.


The newest addition to our now world-renowned range of candle waxes is the epitome of premium quality wax, the exciting and unique BeeSoy B808.

Created with the same superior quality soy beans that we use to produce our other four waxes and delicately blended with ethically sourced beeswax, our BeeSoy B808 will become a household name for years to come.
Achieve super creamy, 100% candles which have a host of additional benefits with the inclusion of beeswax such as, aiding with air purity thanks to the negative ions released when burning beeswax.
When burning the BeeSoy B808 you’ll notice a soothing and calm flame, another characteristic unique to burning beeswax.

The BeeSoy B808 contains no paraffins or polymers and is a 100% natural wax.

BeeSoy B808 is the world’s first flaked beeswax and soy wax blend. Designed for candle makers looking for a point of difference to take their candles to the next level.

Using the same unique hydrogenation method that’s proven successful with our other four waxes, you can expect the same consistency and quality All Seasons Wax Co is famous for.
We are meticulous with the production of each and every box - so you’re able to produce candles that blow your customers away time and time again.
Some of the unique features of our BeeSoy B808 are:

  • Made entirely from natural products

  • Blended with pure, ethically sourced beeswax

  • Smooth set after burning each time

  • A high fragrance tolerance (8-10%)

  • Unbeatable container adhesion

  • Negative ions in the beeswax cling to dust in the air, dragging it down acting as a natural air purifier

  • Beeswax interferes with the soy crystallisation process meaning less frosting

  • Fantastic oil absorption for an amazing hot and cold scent throw


The enchantment of candle making is in your own testing. Discovering which ratios, wicks, jars, temperatures and scents yield the best outcomes for you – we encourage you attempt a wide range of tests and preliminaries to accomplish your ideal, ready to go candle.

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Technical Information

Melt Point: Peak melting temperature 48.06°C
Congealing Point: Congealing temperature 41.3°C
Suggested Heating Range: Range of heating 70°C - 80°C**
Suggested Pouring Range: 55°C - 65°C
Suggested Max Fragrance Load:  8-10% - this depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required.
Contents: Ethically sourced beeswax delicately blended with premium quality hydrogenated soybean oil.

**Heating above 85°C for too long may cause the wax to discolour.

Our Recommendation

BeeSoy B808 is for candle makers on the quest for supremacy in their market.
Natural, premium, durable and a little bit different.
We suggest you take care preparing the pouring conditions of your candles and to always run a test in those conditions before mass producing any of your candle ranges.
Our trials have indicated that 22°C is the ideal room temperature when making soy candles.

We recommend BeeSoy B808 for candle makers of all abilities - it is a wax to be celebrated and enjoyed, the final products produced with the B808 will have your customer’s coming back for more.

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B808 BeeSoy Wax cartons include cut-out handles making them easier to pick-up and move around!

B808 BeeSoy Wax cartons include cut-out handles making them easier to pick-up and move around!


Consistency of raw candle making materials is one of, if not the most considered factor when choosing between brands of soy wax. The BeeSoy B808 proudly stands with consistent results across the board of our testing. Melting point, congealing point, saponification value tests and colour testing proves that our BeeSoy B808 is one of the most stable, easy to work with waxes on the market.


Another trait unique to All Seasons Wax is the Anti Sweat & Anti Shrink properties which we've worked hard to achieve. The BeeSoy B808 is a 100% natural wax product, which has been developed soft enough so that the wax won't shrink in winter - but sturdy enough that it'll retain its attractive finish.  
Candle frosting is the number one pain of our end users. The BeeSoy B808 is actually frost resistant due to the fact the beeswax molecules intercept and interrupt the soy crystallisation process. So you can expect your candles to remain clear for months to come!

Scent throw

All Seasons Wax Company has set new standards and expectations for how candles should emanate across all three of their main phases pre-burn, during-burn and post-burn.
Using the BeeSoy B808 you can experience the same high quality set by this waxes predecessors. Despite the beeswax being delicately blended throughout the wax, the end product is mostly unscented, meaning it is the perfect launchpad for your scents and oils.


Through our testing - most fragrance and essential oils work with our B808 BeeSoy Wax.  It would be impossible for us to test every single fragrance's compatibility so what we suggest is trialling to find what works best for you.
The maximum fragrance load we would recommend is 10% but of course this depends on your fragrance, as strength and potency varies between oils.
We’re proud to announce we’ve worked hand-in-hand with a major US Fragrance house and Luxury Candle Supplies to develop the True Scents collection which is optimised for use with all of the All Seasons Wax range.


The B808 BeeSoy’s appearance is a soft, thick and creamy white with just a hint of gold. Our lab has carefully engineered this wax is to create a premium, showroom finish once a candle has been made.
We used the feedback from our loyal customers to produce the desired effect you’ll soon see when using the BeeSoy B808 for the first time.

Shelf Life & Burn Time

Our waxes have all been designed and developed with consistency and stability in mind. Whilst burn time is heavily controlled by the size of the jar and the wick, across the board with All Seasons Wax you can expect consistency. 

Beeswax is one of the most amazing, natural preservatives in the world. It has a long history, dating back to the rise of the Egyptian empire when it was used to store and preserve food and other delicacies. You can expect 24 month shelf life and beyond with our BeeSoy B808.