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5 Amazing Facts About Beeswax You Must Read Before Making Your Next Candle!

5 Amazing Facts About Beeswax You Must Read Before Making Another Next Candle!

In preparation for our unveiling the world’s first flaked Soy/Beeswax blend (BeeSoy B808), we here at All Seasons Wax Co. wanted to give you a quick history and rundown of beeswax; how it’s been used, why it’s so important, and why you should be excited for its release! The release of our new product is imminent, so read up below and see why beeswax should be your next candle wax purchase!

Beeswax is actually a by-product of the honey making process!

Beeswax is actually a by-product of the honey making process!

1.   The History of Beeswax

Humans and bees have had a relationship dating back to prehistory, with some of the earliest candles made of beeswax. A spooky discovery was made in a cemetery in Germany where beeswax candles were found that were dated back to the 6th century! Not only were these candles discovered, but they were still usable! Beeswax has not just been used in candles, but has held an air of authority, often used in royal stamps to seal and mark important decrees, giving an elegance and prestige to the finished products. The versatility of beeswax cannot be understated: found in the tombs of Egypt, aboard old Viking ships and in countless other places and societies, humans have always known the value of beeswax!

2.   The Benefits of Beeswax 

So what made humans so interested in beeswax? One of the properties that is so alluring about beeswax is that it never spoils, and can be melted and reused. Non-toxic and said to burn brighter, cleaner and for longer (Norman, Gary (2010). Honey Bee Hobbyist: The Care and Keeping of Bees. p. 160.), beeswax has long been touted for its ease of use and fantastic burn in candles, yet it has been used for so much more! Beeswax has long since been a staple in human history, including our indigenous Australians, who used the wax as part of their didgeridoos! Beeswax was even used as ancient tooth fillings! Being an all-natural product made by worker bees to store their young and honey, then harvested ethically by farmers, beeswax is as close to nature as you can get! It is said that up to 24kg of honey can be stored for every 1kg of beeswax, speaking volumes of its strength and stability.

3.   Beeswax and your Health 

Pure beeswax, as with soy, is said to release negative ions as it is burned, which attaches itself to pollen, dust and other bacteria in the air, making these nasty pollutants heavier than air and weighing them down to the ground. As such, beeswax acts as an air purifier! Burning a beeswax candle and then vacuuming the floor can free up the air around you, making it easier to breathe and live. Especially useful for asthmatics, or anyone who desires a cleaner quality of air in their house and workplace, beeswax candles not only burn long and fragrantly, but keep your lungs happy too! This is such an important and simple reason to use beeswax and soy based candles, which brings us to our next point.

4.   Soy and Beeswax: How They’re a match made in heaven

For the most part, beeswax is generally a tough wax, coarse and brittle when cool, but a low melting point makes it very useful for moulding your candles. Partner this with our ethically sourced soy wax, which has a much softer consistency, and suddenly you have a smooth, malleable and workable wax that boasts the health benefits of beeswax and the crafting elements of an already fabulous soy wax! A soy and beeswax blend could be the most deluxe wax you’ll ever use, but for a long time, there has been no ready-to-use blend available on the market… And that is where All Seasons Wax Co. has stepped in!

So now you may be thinking “Wow, I need to get my hands on some soy/beeswax for my candles!”

Well, we have just the news for you!

Worker bees love making the sweet stuff!

Worker bees love making the sweet stuff!

5.   The Availability of a Soy/Beeswax Blend 

All Seasons Wax Co. is proud to be bringing to you, our passionate customers, the first available soy/beeswax blend on the market. Ready-to-use and ready to launch, the soy/beeswax blend (BeeSoy B808) is a bold step forward from us here at All Seasons Wax, building on our already fantastic range of soy wax (Performance Blend Soy, Deluxe Soy, Pure Soy and Superior CocoSoy Wax). We are overjoyed to bring this exciting and new wax into the market, rewarding all of our incredibly passionate candle-maker customers and providing you with yet another truly superior wax for all your crafting needs.

Developed specifically for container candles, ordering our BeeSoy wax will make you one of the first in the world to use this brand new product!

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages, this Soy/Beeswax Blend will launch soon and move FAST!


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