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EST. 2017

Candle Making Blogs By All Seasons Wax Co

Our All Seasons Wax Company blog will provide regular updates on the comings and goings of the business.
Documenting things such as the trial package test results, updates on recipes, candle making tips as well us information about our distributors.

By Candle Makers For Candle Makers

Historians say that the first candle was likely made with beeswax around the period 3000 BC by Egyptians for usage in religious practice, since then, candles have been used and loved by billions. Over the last 2 decades especially, there has been a strong and steady rise in the popularity of candles driven by the shift in consumer behaviour moving towards authentic, artisan craft products over factory made, mass produced candles.

At All Seasons Wax Company, with years of experience in the candle making industry we wanted to develop wax that facilitates and assists amazing candle makers with the production of amazing candles. Over the past 12 months we've worked tirelessly to develop waxes that achieve specific outcomes. We wanted wax that performs consistently in all climates, retains amazing scent throw and has an attractive, merchantable aesthetic.

Rather than following the path established by current wax producers we wanted to do something different, something that is borne from the essence of candle making throughout history - the trial and error process that has never failed to create truly remarkable products. We wanted to extend that process, explore that process and involve the true end-users of our product in that process. We want wax that's made by candle makers - for candle makers, and this is why we've introduced our sample pack offer. 

We've now been distributing our wax samples for just over a week - which means the wax has begun arriving on the doorsteps of those who have opted to join us on the journey.  Feedback has begun rolling in, and whilst not every candle makers has had instant success with the waxes - any feedback for us is a success. We plan on continuing to collect information throughout the duration of this trial period before making adjustments to our recipes based on the results.  

The team at ASWC is dedicated, driven and excited by the engagement with our customers and we look forward to successful future built together.

Happy testing!