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Scents by LCS - made for All Seasons Wax

It is with great pleasure (and tremendous excitement), that we at All Seasons Wax, in association with Luxury Candle Supplies and our US based perfumery partner, will be launching an extensive range of unique fragrances this year. The motivation for creating this range of fragrances and for harbouring a partnership with a leading US perfume house, came after hearing the concerns of candle pourers all around the world. The biggest qualm people seemed to have with homemade/home-poured products was the percentage of scent needed to create the perfect candle and melts.

Sweet, strong and sometimes enchanting we expect that French Pear will be a big hit.

Sweet, strong and sometimes enchanting we expect that French Pear will be a big hit.

Perfecting scent throw while minimising the quantity of fragrance oil required seemed like an impossible feat, yet here we are, on the verge of launching our latest and most exciting journey to date!

The fragrances developed exclusively for All Seasons Wax, have been formulated to meld flawlessly with the ASW range. This was only possible through in-depth analysis, testing and countless experimental pours. We worked closely with our perfumer to pick apart each individual scent note and test it alongside each ASW wax to ensure that all products synthesised seamlessly, and to the ASW standard of quality. We are extremely proud of what we do at ASW and have been blown away at the results all our hard work has produced. The new Scents by LCS range will require a significantly lower percentage of fragrance oil when used with ASW waxes when tested alongside competitor products. Not only will these fragrance oils produce a higher quality candle burn, but our fragrance oils also boast stronger scent throw as well as longer shelf life.

These are a few examples of some of our favourite picks which we hope you’ll love just as much as we do at All Seasons Wax!

Black Tea and Bergamot: AL214192
The gorgeously aromatic scents of bergamot and black tea entice the senses into daydreaming of cold afternoons cuddled up by the fire with a big cup of Early Grey. This scent hits you with citrus notes of lemon zest, followed by the spicy-sweet bergamot and soft tones of jasmine and sage, all encompassed with the florals of a dry black tea.

Lavender Eucalyptus: AL214207
The healing properties of lavender and eucalyptus have been known for centuries. Lavender calms the mind and relaxes the soul, while eucalyptus has a number of benefits, including rejuvenating the mind and body from exhaustion. This all-natural fragrance oil boasts a herbaceous bouquet of rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, musk and bergamot.

Island Spice: AL214200
Take your senses on a tropical holiday with this fragrance oil. With top notes of citrus, guava and tropical mango, you’ll feel like you’re living in paradise, while middle notes of coconut and aromatic spices fill your room. Nothing says ‘summer’ like island spice!

All scents will be available in a 50ml sampler size - so candle makers can mix and match to create their perfect range!

All scents will be available in a 50ml sampler size - so candle makers can mix and match to create their perfect range!

Finally, a wholesale product which has been designed, produced and delivered with the pourer in mind. The big companies have been developing their candles like this for years, but it has been next to impossible for hobbyists or small business owners to replicate because their fragrance oils and waxes just don’t blend perfectly. That’s why this fragrance range by ASW is ground breaking, never before has a fragrance oil been developed to amalgamate so effortlessly with a wax. This match made in candle heaven will allow ease of pouring, amazing scent throw and an even, consistent burn.

The Scents by LCS fragrance range will be available to Australian candle makers in the second half of the year, meaning our clients will have the competitive advantage during the busy holiday trading period.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!